Have you recently just lost your pet and tried every possible way to get it back? Maybe by posting notices on every corner, community boards, veterinary offices, etc? There is a less stressful and more effective way of finding your pet. This process is called Microchipping.

What is Microchipping?

Microchipping is simply a procedure where your pet is injected with a tiny device under its skin so that when it may get lost and found and potentially handed over to animal shelter or Vet clinic, they will be able to track whom the rightful owner of the pet is by scanning the pet with the microchip scanner. The device is only around the size of a grain of rice and does not affect your pet’s health or movement at all.

What exactly would the microchip scanner be scanning?

First and foremost, the microchip that is planted in your pet’s skin is created with a barcode that serves as your pet’s identification in the system. So, when the veterinarian or animal caretaker from the animal shelter scans your pet with the Microchip scanner, they will be simply scanning your pet’s barcode which serves to identify it. How cool is that?!

Important Information to Note

  • Microchipping pricing – It is a once off payment and quite affordable
  • Law – Government is encouraging pet owners to do microchipping on their pets to prevent further overloading of shelters
  • Fines – If your pet is not registered, a fine may be enforced on you as the owner when you claim your pet
  • Forms – After your pet has been microchipped, you as the owner must fill in forms that will include all your details. These forms will then be added into the national database on the internet. If your details changes over time, please do update them via the online database or by filling in the form at the pet hospital. If all else fails, we can easily get in touch with the microchip registries for you to change your details. Keeping your details up to date can mean the difference between getting your pet back or losing them forever.

If your pet is not microchipped as of yet, do give us a call for an appointment and we will assist with getting the minor procedure done quickly and efficiently! When you come across a lost pet, we can also assist with scanning to try and find the owners! Just simply give us a call so that we can arrange when to do a scan and hopefully reunite the lost pet with its rightful owner!

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