New Pets

Register a new pet with us


Welcome to Melrose Animal Hospital. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of veterinary care and pet ...

Register a new pet with us2023-06-27T03:35:20+10:00

Puppy School


Puppy pre-school is an essential step in your furry friend's journey towards becoming a well-behaved and obedient adult ...

Puppy School2023-06-27T00:11:47+10:00

Pet Microchipping


Microchipping Have you recently just lost your pet and tried every possible way to get it back? Maybe ...

Pet Microchipping2023-06-27T00:05:37+10:00

Home Consultations


A home consultation offered by a veterinarian refers to a veterinary service where the vet visits the pet ...

Home Consultations2023-06-27T00:31:26+10:00

Health Checks


A health check for a pet is a routine examination conducted by a veterinarian to assess the overall ...

Health Checks2023-06-26T23:39:05+10:00

Dog Vaccinations


Dog vaccinations are preventive measures that involve administering vaccines to dogs to stimulate their immune system and provide ...

Dog Vaccinations2023-06-27T00:03:16+10:00